Justice For All Of Us

“Our stories aren’t just matters of private grief but of public concern.”

About the Book

With a decade of experience in social justice work, I was in an unusually privileged position to make my voice heard when my worst nightmare came true and someone I never thought I’d have to live without was killed.

Clara, Maya & me on the second anniversary of Gaia’s death

As inspiring as they are devastating, this collection will paint the stark portrait of a state getting away with murder and platform some of the people whose resistance, resilience and courage are driving forward change. Justice For All Of Us will tell our stories in a way that empowers us, honours our loved ones and helps us win justice and change in their names.


As part of my commitment to collaborative writing, I’ve put a call out for potential contributors. If you’re interested in telling your story – your way – please do consider applying. Anyone grieving a state-related death* and fighting for justice is eligible.

“It’s really easy talking with Marienna – she is a great listener. She let’s you go at your own pace, makes spaces for breaks when things get emotional and most importantly, she understands my story because she and her family have been through something similar.” 

– Anna, contributor.

*State related doesn’t necessarily mean in state care – if you feel state agencies including the police contributed to or failed to present your loved ones death then you are eligible to apply.

Partnership with INQUEST

INQUEST is an incredible charity which supports families bereaved by state-related death and campaigns for truth, justice and accountability. They help support families to get their voices heard, find legal representation and campaign for change. Their support for the book – like all their support – means the world. Thanks, folks.