• Copywriting, editing and proof reading – tailored service depending on whether you’re staring at a blank landing page or you’ve got the basics down and just want to make sure it’s all proof read and perfect. Just let me know what you need.
  • Strategic consultancy – a safe, confidential and supportive space to discuss challenges and build a communications strategy for your organisation or campaign that benefits from your knowledge and experience combined with an in depth analysis of the media landscape and your place within it, mapping audiences and objectives to produce a final report and strategic guide which you can support you into the future.
  • Participatory workshops – an enjoyable and engaging collective learning experience on a range of topics including build a strong communications strategy, planning publicity for an event, making the most of social media, spokesperson training and working with the press.


“Marienna developed and delivered a 5 session series covering the most important aspects of Press & Communications for bereaved families INQUEST work with. Her preparation and delivery were consistently brilliant, she was also able to use her personal experience to connect with families and offered support between sessions. Engagement & retention for this particular series was very high, and families continue to reference how helpful attending was, including sending details of press work they have done as a result.”


“Marienna is an excellent writer and advocate of the right of all people to be heard, with strong communication and organisational skills and a mind which is both critical and extremely creative.”

Asad Rehman, executive director, War on Want

“Marienna approach the work with a keen strategic eye and a warm embrace of complexity and clearly understood the value of carving out room for creativity and experimentation.”

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith, NEON (New Economy Organisers Network)

“Marienna is articulate, intelligent, dynamic, and daring. She is also idealistic and deeply committed to telling the stories of ordinary people caught up in the world’s numerous unfolding human tragedies. Unlike so many mainstream journalists, she stands in the proud tradition of people like George Orwell, Paul Foot, and John Pilger.”

Dr. Neil Faulkner, author.

“Marienna’s notes were always thorough, insightful, imaginative and deeply informed. She’s a natural writer, whose turns of phrase added colour and interest to the text. Her attention to detail was never to the exclusion of an appreciation of the broader narrative and her understanding of the history of political movements, political theory, and contemporary movements — surrounding a range of issues from austerity and climate change to war and the refugee crisis — is unusual in its depth and clarity. Her feedback on the text displayed a wealth of understanding, won from a lifetime of study and years immersed in grassroots activism. It improved the book in a variety of ways. I can say, without hesitation or exaggeration, that Marienna is one of the most fiercely intelligent, articulate, politically committed people I have met. With years of experience behind her — from writing articles in the Guardian to making documentaries for TV — I’ve no doubt she would enhance any project she worked on.”

Raoul Martinez, author, Creating Freedom