Solidarity تضامن


Is not something you discuss over dinner,

It is not a hypothetical position to be

Defended on theoretical chessboards,

It is not an artful argument

It does more than merely ‘strike a chord’.


Is not the sum of its facebook likes,

It is not painting your face for the day

We Were All Palestinians,

Then pressing play on real life

And pause on the siege

Till the next time Gaza bleeds.


Lives in blood and bone,

It’s the calling of another land your home

Just because it’s here on planet earth,

The calling of another’s brother kin

Just because he’s here on planet earth

And we have some power and freedom here,

For what it’s worth.

If there be such a thing,

This killing is a sin

And so is silence.


Is a reflex that can’t be curbed by convenience.

Feet that march till the tanks stop.

Voices chanting till the lies stop.

Eyes still open till the killings stop.

A full, heavy silence for the naming of the dead

Then “no justice, no peace –

Hands off the Middle East.”

For Ali Saad Dawabsheh

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