Marienna is a writer and a bolshie but bereaved social justice advocate fighting for Justice for Gaia.

Her creative writing has been shortlisted by the Booker Prize at Birkbeck and long listed for the Spread the Word Life Writing Prize 2020. She’s currently studying at Birkbeck for an MA in Creative Writing.

As a journalist, she has been published by the the Guardian, Al Jazeera, New Internationalist, the Leap, Red Pepper, the Reader, IRIN and Huffington Post UK, amongst others. She also ghost writes as a press officer for frontline and precarious workers in her capacity as Press Officer at the IWGB and has previously done similar work with refugees and human rights defenders internationally, working for some really brilliant organisations including War on Want, Right to Remain and Refugee Week.

In a past life, she studied Politics & International Development at the School of Oriental and African Studies, known to its friends as SOAS or “So-Has”, as her mum still insists on calling it. In her student days, she was a devoted troublemaker, raging against some of the things that make life just a bit too shit to bear, primarily climate change, poverty, oppression, war and forced migration. She went on to co-found Brick Lane Debates, work as a freelance reporter, editor and campaigner.

Marienna’s father was Danish and Marienna is a Danish name, pronounced My-ena. Since no one can pronounce it, she is also known as Mya and many people thinks she’s either two completely different people (which is untrue) or one person with a secretive alter-ego (which if true, is incidental.)

She doesn’t want to have to adopt a gender-neutral pen name just to get published, but won’t necessarily remain above it.

She is also – occasionally – on twitter @MariennaPW