Marienna is a writer, storyteller and movement builder with ten years’ experience in social justice advocacy. She also offers freelance comms consultancy and coordinates Justice for Gaia. 

Marienna is represented by the OWN IT! literary agency and her creative writing was shortlisted for the short fiction Booker Prize at Birkbeck (2019) and long listed for the Spread the Word Life Writing Prize (2020). As a journalist she has written on social justice issues for the Guardian, the Independent, Red Pepper, the Wellcome Collection, Hunger Magazine, Huffington Post, Novara, New Internationalist and others.

Marienna is currently Head of Media & Communications at the IWGB, having done similar work with community organisers, refugees and human rights defenders from the Global South, working with the likes of War on Want, the Social Change Agency and Right to Remain. She holds a 1:1 Creative Writing MA from Birkbeck College and 1:1 Politics & Development Studies BSc from her time at SOAS, after which she began working in media and co-founded the political education collective, Brick Lane Debates.

Marienna’s name is Danish and pronounced My-enna so she’s known as Mya for short. People do sometimes get confused and think she’s either two completely different people (which is untrue) or one person with a secretive alter-ego (which if true, is incidental.)

You can also find her on Instagram and sporadically on twitter @MariennaPW.